NeMus 2 system for EMG, EEG, EP, and ICU monitoring

Nemus clinical web iconThis one device has up to 4 bipolar EMG/NCV channels, 20 monopolar EEG inputs, and built in electrical, acoustic, and visual stimulators. Perform EEG, EMG/NCV, EP, and ICU monitoring with one compact system. (For sale in the US only.)


NeMus 2 system with cartFeatures up to 2 EMG and 2/4 NCV channels for performing electromyographic and nerve conduction tests with either needle or surface electrodes.

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EEG/ Video EEG

Includes inputs for complete 10-20 montage with video. Intuitive review software includes advanced tools, including DSA, spectral trends, aEEG/CFM, burst supression, and maps.


Perform evoked and event-related potentials with integrated electrical, acoustic, and visual stimulators. Record using standard and custom montages with up to 20 channels.

ICU monitoring

Continuously monitor patient vital signs and EEG-SEP. Features remote viewing capability and HIS/HL7 compatibility.

Software and Reportsnemus2 reportNeMus 2 system eeg report picture

The NeMus 2 product uses Galileo software, which has an internal report generator using Microsoft Word with customizable templates. Traces, stimulation parameters, measures, and logos can all be customized.

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Important Notice:
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